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Special Edition (CATID017)

by Geck-o

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With this 'Special Edition', Geck-o releases five exclusive edits for the collectors and fans, who have been hearing them in his live sets.

Coming in a shiny wrapper, big video hit 'Tripper' gets a push even further over the top with the 'This Is The Key VIP'. As we unwrap, we also find the never before released collaboration with Bold Action 'Le Chunky Fat' with an atomic overhaul, and a 'Centerfold Edition' of 'Once Upon A Time In The Feels', which has its iconic opening scene get a prominent spot in the middle of the track. While 'Massage' might not be a title that rings a bell for many, as it was only free-released before, this 'Breaks VIP' should bring a change to that. As a final present, we get greeted by a straight beat version of 'Bonjour', appropriately titled 'Version Linéaire'. Oh, abundance! What have you even done to deserve this.


released August 8, 2017



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